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The Hidden Pictures Project Video #1 – “Stepping in for mental health” 

This four-minute film features community mental health workers in India and also Vikram Patel, a true visionary in the field. India, despite its population of 1.2 billion, lacks many mental health services. By Patel’s calculation, if you projected the percentage of psychiatrists in the U.K. onto India, you’d expect to see 150,000. In fact, there are only 3,000. In this short film, Patel shares his vision for a community model of care. Film by Delaney Ruston.


The Hidden Pictures Project Video #2 – “Global mental health – its turn has come”

This five-minute film explores how global mental health is finally gaining momentum. In developing countries, eight in 10 people with mental illness go untreated. But a community of world leaders is beginning to take note. An individual’s mental well-being not only has implications for their personal life and immediate family. It also has an economic burden of a national scale. Mental disorders cost national economies several billion dollars both in treatment and in the loss of productivity. Film by Delaney Ruston.


The Hidden Pictures Project Video #3 – “When India Comes to Mind…does mental health come to mind?”

This one-minute video asks us to think about what mental health services are needed in India and in our own communities. Can a country that has dramatically expanded the IT sector worldwide and trained thousands of ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activists), also revolutionize mental health care? What services would you like to see in your city and beyond?

The Hidden Pictures Project Video #4 “Break the Silence Around Mental Illness”- TED Talk by the director

Recently, “Hidden Pictures” director, Delaney Ruston, did a TED Talk in Seattle. She shared her own experience growing up with a father diagnosed with schizophrenia late in life. Delaney discovered that sharing personal stories can inspire compassion and help eradicate stigma. Please watch.


The Hidden Pictures Project Video #5 “Healing Liberia’s Psychological Scars After Civil War”- PBS News Hour by Molly Knight Raskin

After 14 years of civil war, more than 40 percent of Liberians report symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Reporter and producer Molly Knight Raskin follows one man’s work to heal the psychological scars of a nation. The only mental health worker in a region that’s home to half-a-million people, Aaron Debah is the creator of a radio program called “Hour of Mental Health.” To watch Raskin’s PBS segment and learn more, visit the link and consider sharing with your friends and family.

The Hidden Pictures Project Video #6 “Schizo” – Glenn and Jessie Close Bring Change 2 Mind campaign

Actress Glenn Close and her sister Jessie Close banded together in 2009 to launch their Bring Change 2 Mind advocacy campaign to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. Part of the mission of the campaign is to air PSAs that challenge common stereotypes about mental illness. Learn more about the project here:

The Hidden Pictures Project Video #7 “Go Away Evil” – Delaney Ruston

Winner of the best documentary for SCARF film festival (2012), “Go Away Evil” explores the more than 300 million people in the developing world afflicted by mental illness. Of that astounding number, 8 out of ten go untreated. Filmmaker Delaney Ruston follows Buyiswa, a young South African mother, as she recounts her struggle with mental illness and eventual treatment. Watch the film here: