Audience Reactions

Here are just a few examples of audience reactions to Hidden Pictures: 

“Incredible! Your film is…I’m struggling with finding better and more descriptive words, but it is amazingly impactful and has me excited at the  thought of the impact it will have on those who view it when we screen it!” – Barbara FeePublic Education Program Manager at Richmond Pathways Clubhouse, USA

“I was so happy to see the room so full, standing room only!!! Great work. The documentary moved me to tears and the discussion afterwards was so deep.”  – Marie-Eve Hammick, New Delhi, INDIA

“HIDDEN PICTURES, is a passionate and informed comparison of alternative mental health treatment programs in critical areas of the world.  I think this is one of the most important films I have seen made by a local filmmaker, and it should receive national and international attention.” – Professor Christine Ingebritsen, University of Washington, USA

“I watched Hidden Pictures with my 16 year old son last night. He  got a lot out of it.  I was really glad that the film sparked conversation between us regarding  people close to us. That conversation was invaluable.”  – David A., Berkeley, CA 

“We were part of several organizations that jointly screened this fascinating film in October 2013 at Webster University in Geneva. It was great! The room was full and the discussion that followed, with Dr. Ruston interacting  via skype, further highlighted some of the films important messages, like  ” who is hiding, hurting, and helping?” The film is a moving, serious, and deeply probing journey into the area of global mental health. A must see!” – Dr. Kelly O’Donnell, Psychologist, Switzerland

 “I showed the film Hidden Pictures to my occupational therapy students today. It was an amazing opportunity for them. I want to show in future years as well as share with our local NAMI affiliate.” – Christine Urish, USA

“Such a poignant film- I was really moved. It is clearly a must-see for us all as we begin to understand how to better support, empathize and advocate for those with mental illnesses in every culture.” – Emily Huff , adjunct professor at Seattle Pacific University, USA

 “At the event where we screened Hidden Pictures, everyone absolutely loved it and we received comments that the film has truly changed their perceptions of mental health, even to those who work in the field. I myself think it is a brilliant film and valuable in the fight against stigma and discrimination and changing false perceptions of mental health disorders.”  – Charlene Sunkel, Awareness, Advocacy & Communications Officer: Central Gauteng Mental Health Society, South Africa

 “Wow. Amazing! Your documentary was incredible. It had such an impact! My sister and I were talking about it the entire way home (about 45 minutes!) You did a beautiful job.”  – Kathryn Van Dyke, 5th Grade Teacher at American Embassy School, New Delhi, India

“I am so grateful for having the opportunity to view Hidden Pictures and greatly appreciate your work. What a powerful production!”  – Ella Smolenski, co-teacher for the National Alliance on Mental Illness Family to Family Course, USA

“Thank you for the film you made and shared. It was sensitive, moving and highlighted the pain of mental illness without drama. I loved it.”  – Jyoti Pande,  Syndicated columnist, The MINT/Wall Street Newspaper, INDIA

“I very much appreciated the opportunity to watch your documentary Hidden Pictures at the World Health Organization in Geneva I was very touched by the film and I also find it a beautiful example of how an ethnographic approach can raise awareness for such an important topic on the global scale.”  – Oliver Vogelbusch, M.D., Germany

 “Thank you so much for making this film available on Mental Health Day.  I was very moved by it, and it really brought home how huge the stigma is around mental illness, even in the most ‘developed’ of countries.  We need more films like this.”  – Caroline Egar, Program Director for Partnership for Children, Netherlands

“The was so inspirational” – Gabriela in Argentina

“I found the film to be extremely moving … it was not overly intellectual, overly self-absorbed, or overly zealous in its advocacy. I say that because a documentary on this topic could have gone in those directions and it didn’t—it was extremely balanced and thoughtful.”  – Elisa Knebel, USA

“I was blown away by your new film which we showed at Recovery Cafe yesterday. It was so powerful and personal.  I was especially heart broken by the man in China whose parents did not want him to be released from the mental hospital. We will show it again this weekend so that more can learn that the painful stigma of mental illness is universal and that some of us may find ways to combat that stigma.” – Killian Noe, Founding Director, The Recovery Cafe, USA